Smart Water Freeze and Leak Detection

The sensor technology is integrated with a microprocessor and a WIFI module. The FL-1000 free user interface allows the user to test for leaks at any time. Enter emails to forward leak detection and freeze warning alarms. The user can enter a temperature set point value to trigger an alarm or warning when the water temperature reaches that set point.

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FL-1000 is a smart water freeze and leak detector with built in WIFI and access point. Install the device directly to your main water line and the device will alert you incase of any water leaks.

System Checks

The device has three time intervals in which the user sets the time and the device will test the system for any possible leaks. Enter email and phone number to forward warning alarms.

How it works

The FL-1000 utilizes solid state sensor technology to sense the flow or movement of the water in the pipe it can also detect the temperature of the water in the pipe to notify a potential freeze.


The user can enter a temperature set point value to trigger an alarm or warning when the water temperature reaches the set point to avoid frozen pipe breaks.

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Smart Home Integration

We offer the best fully remote smart water freeze and leak detecor that can stand alone or integrated into most smart home control systems. We also use IFTTT to integrate and be used with all devices available.

FL-1000 Irrigation

The only smart device with leak and freeze detection of its kind on the market. This device can also be installed with our Rainpal Smart Irrigation controller. This allows the user to know when to blow out the system before the freeze begins and to alert the user in realtime when there is a problem within the irrigation system. i.e. stuck heads, open valaves or breaks in the line that go unnoticed for days.

Easy Setup User Interface

Our team has developted a totally user friendly Interface that allows the end user to see the temperature of the water, 3 automatic test time intervals, manual testing, as well as allowing the user to have more then one propety with our cloud based service.

Differentiating Features

Onboard web server, no more DYN/DNS forwarding IP needed, Onboard accesspoint, WIFI, API, Automatic network connection, scans up to 6 devices, freeze set point, Mobile APP, Able to control remote water valves all from the touch of your smart device.

On Board Access point

The only Smart water leak detection in the world with this capability. What this means is a person can connect to the unit with any smart device without internet or a Wi-Fi network. No cabling required. This is an incredible feature! Realize the power of this function, no more logging into a web service to confiure your device.

Cost Effective

Our technology incorporates an RS-485 communications port to support industry-standard communication protocols or a standalone touch screen. This allows the system to interface other existing technologies and radio communications to multiple units or mesh network setup without an extra expensive gateway. No other leak detection as of yet has the capability.


MC Smart Controls has worked with consulting several projects in developing smart sensors and controllers.

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